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Charles Parsons Textile Laboratory

Knowing your textiles have passed stringent testing standards is crucial to having confidence in their performance and quality.

Our laboratory has a mix of capabilities both in physical and chemical testing of textile goods.

The Charles Parsons Laboratory, based in Melbourne, is a diversified textile testing laboratory with accreditation approval from LRQA for ISO 9001: 2015. Using the latest laboratory equipment and technology, we are able to fully test to the most exacting industry standards. Having confidence in consistent quality and stipulated performance characteristics of textiles remains more critical than ever before. Australian garment manufacturers have been using the Charles Parsons laboratory for testing conventional materials for over four decades. The Lab Services Division also helps Charles Parsons’ customers and suppliers develop new products of mutual interest from concept to commercialisation stage.

 “All products that Charles Parsons supply are subject to a rigorous testing regime in its ISO approved testing lab and we need to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of textiles both here and overseas, to ensure all products are tested against ever-evolving international standards,” says Charles W Parsons, Executive Director.

For further details on how we can help you, please contact Dr. Tara Afrin +61 (0) 402 893 111
Manager Textile Testing at Charles Parsons Lab Services, 
on +61 3 9463 3120 or email  tafrin@charlesparsons.com.au