SS16 from Charles Parsons Fashion Fabrics sees four main trends built around the concept of odd marriages to create new aesthetics, provoking tension between the elements, abandoning standard ideas and allowing new thoughts to enter the creative process. 


Radical Tradition continues an homage to etiquette dressing, but modernises with unexpected quirkiness and flashes of boldness. Classicism is flipped on its head, as it clashes with the world of pop culture. Traditional styles are meddled with, reinvented and worn in unpredictable combinations. It’s equal parts elegant and playful, with an offbeat, bespoke feel – and an irreverent optimism.

The future is high energy sportswear meets sci-fi fantasy with a street edge. Digital Spirit lives fast and bright – like neon reflected in rain slicked asphalt – and never drops its sense of cool. Driven by technology, Digital Spirit incorporates innovative, high-performance materials with pure surface appeal. The palette is vivid, yet pared back with black.

For SS16 we go back to look ahead, updating seventies innocence with a bohemian feel, creating a feminine, free-spirited direction. Softening the focus with swathes of floaty, voluminous textiles, oh-so-gently distressed wovens and delicately luxe laces, this trend is sunwashed in a palette of vintage hues.

In this design driven trend we see bold forms and shapes take centre stage. This story has a minimal, luxe feel where shapes are sculptural and architectural but have a slightly brutal edge. Silhouettes are cut and spliced with an elaborate sculptural edge, while interesting shapes are created via fabric manipulation, bold folds, pleating, and creative patterning. Industrial undertones and utilitarian details are also important.