The present is where the past and future meet. Winter 17 recaptures the spirit and energy of a past age, whether renaissance Europe, post-punk New York, the 1920s working Class or the history of the earth itself.  Each era is reworked and reimagined through a 21st Century lens into a key direction that speaks clearly of the way we live, dress and express ourselves today, and tomorrow.




Luxuriously fierce, Future Collision is opulent, dramatic and utterly luxe. Past meets future, in a trend that tips its feathered hat to Renaissance master painters and dons a spacesuit for adventures in sci-fi. Influenced by new technologies like virtual reality, the future collides with a surreal, vivid past: Game of Thrones meets Star Wars.




A journey through a Scandinavian winter’s coldest months, elemental moves away from intrusive technology, into the rugged outdoors to seek quiet contemplation and protection from a landscape shaped by the fluctuating forces of nature: sun, storm, sea and wind.




Working Craft celebrates craftsmanship and laidback, timeworn classics with a sense of authenticity. The trend takes an honest approach to materiality, drawing inspiration from the 1920s working class and archival photography. Rustic handloom materials and distressed looks are achieved with dip dyeing, abrasions and relief techniques.




Rebel Spirit delivers creative mismatch, offering a playful escape into arthouse fashion, to merge the unpredictable and odd with wit and an alternative perspective. Its arty, impromptu irreverence draws strongly on the subversive style of late 70’s New York which saw the birth of hip hop, and the fusion of art and music in influential artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat.