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Charles Parsons Fashion is excited to announce the release of WINTER 2015.

This season’s styles are dominated by fabrics that inspire comfort and safety, soft to the touch and made of natural fibres.

Counterbalancing this, is the use of sleek leatherettes, heritage tweeds and textured embellishments such as embroidery, appliqué & patchwork.

Key fabrics for the season include brushed mohair, felted wools, luxurious flat faced wools or cashmere, granular tweeds or look-a-likes, plaids and checked fabrics, bonded and double faced fabrics, embroidered fabrics, laces, velvet burnouts & leatherettes.

Colour for W15 is mostly classic & pared back - black is back, Luxe neutrals, dusted winter pastels & winter darks.

For pops of colour think sulphur yellow, blood range, primary red, electric blue, ultraviolet, hot pinks and reds.

Our collection was developed with three groups in mind to encompass these key trends in fabric & colour; Function First, Fantasy Folklore & Ruptured Realities.




Inspired by gritty post-industrial design and irregular hard wearing tweeds. Luxurious lightweight natural fibres create a functional second skin to protect & pamper.




Drawing on inspiration from fantastical fairy tales and futurist cosmic adventures, rich textures and opulence are burnished together to create an eclectic 70’s bohemian feel.



Fabrics have been given a digital shock treatment creating interesting distortions, colour glitches and patterns. An updated urban sportswear look that also inspires a 60’s miss mod look.

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