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Charles Parsons is pleased to announce the release of their Summer 2015 collection.

This seasons trends are centered around ‘Neo Materialism’ and our growing interest in tactility. A more practical approach to fashion, we have become more concerned with the feel & performance of textiles as opposed to aesthetics alone.

Textiles drive the merge between formal and casual looks this season. At the forefront of global trends are the use of natural fibres as well as multi-functional textiles with an emphasis on performance.

Colour focuses on palette cleansers such as black and white, livened by colour levels of pale pastels, soft mid-tones, brights and summer darks.

Our Summer 2015 print collection is inspired by the sub trends within Neo Materialism - ‘Bio Lab’, ‘Contemplative Calm’ & ‘Past Futures’.



References current laboratory research into biological life forms revealing fluid mutations and organic structures.

These complex interactions create dynamic fluid styles and vibrant colours, bringing together a continuity of neo organic patterns and a sense of surface texture.




A reaction against virtual reality. This encourages us to contemplate and focus on the moment. Technology is still relevant, as it can be used to connect to the natural surroundings in our world. Inspiration is “romantic visions of the countryside, unspoilt coastlines and Zen contemplation”. Bright colours emerge against pastel grounds, confirming that introspection is the key element of this trend but energy is also relevant.



Inspired by collected remnants of the past, now updated, refined and incorporated into future make believe and unexpected worlds. Traditional craftsmanship reveals itself giving an understated, elegant functionality with an aged authenticity.

This season we have created a full trend report for you, downloadable here.

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